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We are a Nikwax UK distributor.

It all started in a North London flat back in 1977 when, a then 22 year old, Nick Brown made his first batch of waterproofing wax for boots. His goal was simple – he wanted a keep his boots waterproof but without softening then, which would mean that they would lose their supportive features.

Nikwax were an early adopter of a greener approach to waterproofing solutions. By 1983 there were resolves to replace the harmful and flammable solvents used in their products. These were eventually replaced with water. They are also free from fluorocarbons and are not tested on animals.

There is no need to tumble dry after washing as Nikwax products do not require heat to be activated.

More information can be found on their website.


Tech Wash/TX-Direct Twin Pack

If you need to wash it or probably need to reproof it at the same time. This twin pack is great for more Gore-Tex and similar garments (i.e. jackets, over-trousers, etc…).

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