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We are the Kupilka UK distributor.

With the environment in mind they favour the use of renewable sources for the manufacturing process. Their wood only comes from certified forests in Finland, and the production is carried out in a carbon neutral process. All the electricity comes from EKOenergy.

All of their products are made from their own material Kareline®, which is a natural fibre composite of wood cellulose fibres and FDA approves polypropylene. The result of which is each product has a unique pattern to its finish.

Kupilka’s look and feel is inspired from a traditional Scandinavian design dating back to 1775.

More information can be found on their website.


A Viking Funeral

At the end of the products life because of the high concentration of wood used in its construction you can incinerate on a campfire for heat energy or return it to the manufacturer for re-use.

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