FIDLOCK is a German manufacturer that was founded in 2007.  The company has produced and patented a range of magnetic fasteners, including the one use to hermetically seal their range of Dry Bags.  New Heights are delighted to be the Distributor for this innovative range.

Thanks to the patented Gooper® technology, FIDLOCK dry bags are becoming more and more popular by giving customers an innovative product with must-have-potential.  Whatever your outdoors interest whether it is  hills, mountains, lakes, rives or the sea and beach, in fact any bike or backpacker, smartphone junkie or outdoor activist – the automatic, hermetic closing system of the bag allows you to keep all things safe that are important to you.  The HERMETIC dry bags do not accidentally stay open: “just let go!” and they snap shut immediately.

With the transparent high-tech material, your smartphone or tablet is still accessible inside the bag.  The three magnetic rows close securely, even at a water depth of up to 30m.

FIDLOCK Hermetic dry bags are available in 5 different sizes and a range of colours.  Also available are Arm and Chest Bags, Slings and Hydration Bladders.  All of which feature the same magnetic closure and high quality materials.

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