Fidlock Dry Bags available now!

In these hermetic Dry Bags from FIDLOCK you can keep your pricey smart phones, iPads, GPS equipment, important documents and car keys – to name a but a few items, safe from the elements.

The Fidlock Dry Bags feature touch screen technology that  lets you use your smartphone and tablets through the protective bag.

The innovative design of the Fidlock Dry Bags, closed by 3 rows of magnets that close automatically and seal completely hermetically. This patented technology with high quality materials ensures your personal belongings are kept dry and free of dust and sand while in use out of doors.

The magnetic closure design is so effective that if you happen to drop the bag after putting your items in, it will be closed before it hits the water!  Great for any water sports and also ideal for any outdoors activity where you encounter rain, snow, sand or dust!

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