New For 2021: EVERNEW & CTR

New For 2021

We are really excited to be able to announce that we will distributing EVERNEW and CTR from Spring 2021. This means that we will have even more great products on offer alongside our existing range of exciting brands.

EVERNEW Titanium Cookware

Established in 1923, with over 97 years of manufacturing experience, EVERNEW are best known for their lightweight titanium cookware. Originally operating out of a small store in Tokyo they began making the move to replace their steel and aluminium cookware with titanium by the early 1990’s. The choice to use titanium was the result of desiring the strength of steel but the lightness of aluminium.

Their core “Ultra Light” range is handmade today in Tsubame, Japan, where It is constructed with master craftsmanship through a mix of moulding, welding and pressing. This means that they have been able to create titanium cookware that’s only 0.3mm thick. The result of this is a material that is 20% lighter than the common 0.4mm titanium used by others.

CTR Headwear

CTR believe strongly in sustainability, recognising their role as a manufacturer and the environmental impact that carries. They have set themselves the goal to have a 100% sustainable collection through their use of industry leading manufacturing techniques.

Their polyester is recycled and Bluesign® Certified. By using recycled polyester they’re able to deliver the same technical performance with a smaller environmental footprint.

They use GOTS Certified organic cotton, which means that the farms that the cotton comes from do not use toxic chemicals or GMOs. The production of which sustains the ecosystem and people by combining tradition, innovation and science to benefit the environment. Promoting a good quality of life for all involved.