SOTO StormBreaker w/Fuel Bottle Red Combo


Key Features:

  • 700ml SOTO Fuel Bottle (Red) included at no extra cost
  • Multi fuel – works with white liquid fuels (white gas aka Coleman Fuel, unleaded petrol, aviation fuel) and butane/iso-butane gas cartridges.
  • Self Priming – no need to preheat.
  • Instantly change type of fuel by switching fuel-line bayonet.
  • Gas conversion unit inverts the cartridge to help improve fuel flow.
  • Concave burner head for flame resistance in windy conditions.
  • Easy to maintain – the generator unit consists of 3 parts. No need to remove the jet to clean.
  • Output: 3500W / 11780BTU
  • Weight: 273g / 443g with Smart Pump / Complete with Fuel Bottle 570g
SOTO StormBreaker w/Fuel Bottle Red Combo


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