Patagonia Partners With Storm

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Having tested the ranges of eight care products Patagonia has selected Storm as their aftercare partner. This was based on Storm’s exceptional performance and environmental credentials.

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Patagonia will be recommending Storm products for use when caring for their garments. To be selected by this global brand and industry leader for the environmental is something that Storm are very proud of.

Patagonina said, “After testing eight DWR refresh options on the market, Storm was the only product that was able to bring performance back to ‘like new’ and maintain performance after another wash cycle.” Not only great for performance but also the environment as, “Washing and reproofing can be done in one wash load, saving water and time.” The superior performance and one wash system both help further reduce the wear on garments as, “This reduces the number of times you will need refresh a garment over its lifetime.” Finally, “Storm offers products in paper packaging and aluminium bottles for easy recycling.”

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