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The Summary

Being keen outdoors people (if not quite as active as we would like to be) we have always been excited by new bits of kit. In this particular case when we first saw Soto we knew it was something we wanted to be involved with. Their stoves use what they call “blue flame” technology, which in effect gives you a Bunsen burner in your pocket. Resulting in a hotter flame, a more efficient use of fuel and increased wind resistance.

The Japanese company prides itself on its ability to design and create stoves and cookware to the highest standards. Three generations of the Yamamoto family have steered the growth of Soto from the ground up as part of the family owned Shinfuji Burner Company. It is the particular care and attention to detail that Soto has that led them to launch the Premier Dealer scheme.

The Premier Dealers (listed below) are a select number of specialist retailers with similar values and business ethics as Soto. Who can offer additional information, service and support to their customers that is reflective of the quality of Soto.

Soto Factory

The Technology

Each Soto product can feature different key pieces of design technology, keep reading to learn about some of the most important ones, which are highlighted below:

Micro Regulator

Designed specifically to regulate the flow of gas at low temperatures for a hotter more efficient flame. It is so compact that a microscope is required for the assembly of the components its components.

In a traditional needle and valve system, like what you would find a other stoves, you control the flow of fuel by twisting the needlepoint. However when the temperature drops so too does the internal pressure – resulting in a reduced flow of gas into the burner head.

The patented Micro Regulator system maintains consistent pressure under hot and cold conditions. For example with it you have the same boiling time in a climate at 20°C as you would at -5°C. In fact at -5°C the Micro Regulator system will boil a pint of water in less than half the time of other “normal” stoves.

Wind Resistance

Featuring a special concave design with restricted space between the burner head and pot base. The raised edge to the burner head acts as a windshield protecting the flame from strong winds.


A key feature to the existing Muka Stove and the upcoming StormBreaker is the Smart Pump, which means that the use of liquid fuel doesn’t require priming in order to use. With a clean burn and no need to preheat it makes it easier than ever to use this style of liquid fuel stove.

The Premier Dealers

Below you can read a bit more about each of the Premier Dealers and the particular areas they specialise in:

Absolute Snow

Originally focused on snow boarding and winter snow sports Absolute Snow has grown into a very sophisticated online retailer. Today they now provide equipment and clothing for a range of extreme sports from their newly expanded base in Watford.


The Climbers Shop

With a trading heritage stretching back to 1959, The Climbers Shop has long specialised in catering for climbers and mountaineers that look for the best in their equipment.


Craigdon Mountain Sports (Inverness)

A leading supplier in Scotland for outdoor clothing, equipment and accessories across a range of activities – from camping and hillwalking to snow sports and running. Craigdon has a great history of excellent customer service.


Joe Brown

Their doors first opened in 1966 and have a history that is heavily intertwined with The Climbers Shop – so much so that both are part of the same company today. Joe Brown has earned a solid reputation over the years for their experience with climbing and mountaineering equipment.


Kong Adventure

Based in Keswick, Kong offer a range of activities and adventurous courses alongside a great retail selection of clothing and equipment. They specialise in climbing, mountaineering and running.


Tamarack Outdoors

Catering for a wide range of outdoors activities (including walking, camping, trekking, paddling, hunting and bushcraft) Tamarack have prided themselves for years on their expertise and knowledge. They have been involved with a number of charities over the years and are involved with their local Duke of Edinburgh Award group.


Trekitt Mountain Sports

Established in 1986 Trekitt is a family owned and run business based in Herefordshire. They offer informed and honest opinions on what the best gear and clothing is along with boot and rucksack fitting services.


Ultralight Outdoor Gear

Suppliers of outdoor clothing and equipment for backpacking, trekking, adventure racing and adventure travel – all of which, as their name suggests, is lightweight, functional and the best quality gear.


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