Simon Yates

Comfort At Altitude

If you're familiar with Touching the Void, the bestselling book by mountaineer Joe Simpson, you might recognise adventurer Simon Yates as the man who "cut the rope". The mountaineering classic, along with its more recent docu-drama adaptation, reveals how Yates came to the decision to cut himself adrift from Simpson, believing him dead after he fell into a crevasse during a disastrous emergency descent of the west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes.

In the last 25 years, Simon has gained a reputation as one of the most successful exploratory mountaineers in the world.  He has written a few books, including the autobiographical novels Against the Wall, The Flame of Adventure and more recently The Wild Within.

“I recently travelled to Nepal for some mountaineering and took along a pair of Telic shoes for use in the lodges during the trek into the mountain and for using around base camp.  

The shoes were lightweight and compact but above all, they were extremely comfortable and offered much welcome relief to my feet after a long days trekking and mountaineering

They will be a standard piece of kit on future expeditions”


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