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It's always great to see other people sharing in your excitment and enthusiasm. In this case it is with Telic footwear.

Telic specialise in making “recovery footwear” for use after sport to help relieve the symptoms of most common foot ailments through exceptional comfort and support. They achieve this with an anotomically correct footbed and by using the latex based Novalon as the material. You can read the review below:

New York Times - Best Comfort Shoes - Readers' Choice Awards 2013

The finalists were nominated by readers and selected by our expert panel of walkers, then the readers voted. The polls were audited and validated by our tech team to produce the final results.

This what they said:

“Telic sandals are recovery flip flops made in the USA. They were nominated by many fans who cite the great arch support. They have a slight rocker-heel which can also offload stress from the foot. Fans said over and over that they are soft and cushioned, like walking on a cloud. They are made with elasto-polymers that cushion and bounce back. The anatomically designed sole provides far better support than the cheapo flip flops. Fans also said they were durable, in addition to being recyclable once you must move on”

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