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Bla Band Wilderness Stew With Rice

Wilderness Stew with Rice

I'd never heard of Swedish company Bla Band, but on a bothying trip to the Scottish Highlands it won top marks. Freeze-dried meals where you just add hot water, the standout feature was the design of the packets. Whereas other similar meals come in a tall, deep pouch that either requires a long spoon or sticking you hand in to reach the bottom, the Bla Band packets are wide and shallow, so eating from the is really easy. The "fill to" lines are on the inside so it's easy to add the right amount of water, and the resealable pouches were the sturdiest on test when you put them down to let the water sink in.

The packets weigh about 144g and offer 650kcal of energy. The Wilderness Stew with Rice was seriously tasty. The small range includes vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free options, as well as breakfasts. In an emergency you can add cold water to the food - just leave it for longer. They're a good price as well.

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Ross MacKenzie