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Chimpanzee Beetroot & Carrot (20x55g)


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The vegetable content in this bar equals to 80g of raw vegetable. It is made from real food. There are NO trans-fats, NO GMO. This great tasting Chimpanzee Beet Root & Carrot Energy Bar contains high amount of protein and fibre and is a great source of natural energy.

- Gluten free
- Vegan
- Equivalent of 80g fresh vegetables
- 9g of protein, 10g of fibre
- High quality ingredients
- Charged with vitamins
- Only 219 Kcal

Gluten Free  Suitable for Vegetarians

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Chimpanzee Bars are honest, all-natural, made from real food energy bars that are free of phony additives, artificial sweeteners, trans-fats chemicals and GMO's. Our range of delicious Slim Bars are great for quick snack in the office or when you are not that active. 



A quality performance requires a quality source of energy. The Chimpanzee products contain a complex of appropriately chosen carbohydrates that are source of fast and slow-release energy for your activities.



The natural and organic foods in Chimpanzee bars have antioxidants, important vitamins, and minerals, and do not contain trans fats, artificial sweeteners, fertilizers and genetically modified ingredients; thus the food materials do not negatively burden the person eating them. Therefore, they are easy to digest and provide higher amount of energy for your active and healthy life style.



Chimpanzee bars have a unique flavour thanks to original combinations of high quality natural and organic ingredients.


Bones and joints

A joint is a bendable connection between two or more bones. It serves to allow movement of a certain part of the body. Bones and joints benefit from an active life style and quality nutrition. The Chimpanzee bars contain natural complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for our bones and joints.



The muscle functions to allow active movement. Muscles must be continuously trained not to shorten up and weaken. The complex of carbohydrates, protein, and minerals in the Chimpanzee bars supports fast muscle regeneration after muscle performance.



The immune system provides the body protection by disposing of foreign and dangerous elements. The natural antioxidants in Chimpanzee bars support our body’s immunity. 


Nervous system / Focus

Carbohydrates (glucose) are the sole source of energy for brain activity. The carbohydrates complex contained in Chimpanzee bars not only supports muscle activity, but additional vitamins B content also keeps your brain and nerves in shape.


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