Outwell Norma Mains 3way Rolley Kit - UK

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Power your UK household appliances at your campsite with thanks to the Outwell Norma 3-Way Roller Kit! This mains kits features three UK plug sockets, perfect for providing power to your phone charger, laptop, camera charger, hairdryer and other 240v applications! With electric hook-up available at a wide range of campsites, light and heat can also be enjoyed with the flick of a switch. Ideal for family and group camping! With 15m of cable packed in a portable unit gives you ample of versatility around your pitch!

CE approved, built-in circulate breaker, dust proof covers and featuring a polarity warning light this mains kit certainly doesn’t lack on safety features for you and your family to enjoy electric power without worrying about the risk of fire or sparking.


· 15m cable
· CE approved
· RCD & MCB protected with build in circuit breaker
· Three UK sockets
· 3G1.5 cable
· IP44 - dust and splash proof
· Practical roll-up reel
· RCD (residual current device) - for best protection
· Mains plug easy to connect
· Polarity warning light
· Size: 30 x 19 x 32 cm (WxDxH)
· Weight: 3.8 kg