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Blå Band

Expedition and Outdoor Meals

Blå Band are the Scandinavian market leaders for dried expedition meals. Originally developed though collaboration with the Swedish military; the meals are now a must have for every outdoor enthusiast. Offering 650kcal in their main meals and 600kcal in their breakfast selection.

They taste great and could not be easier to prepare. All you have to do is simply fill the packet up to the indicated level with hot or cold water. The packaging is made from Flextrus Transofoil®, which is both fully recyclable as a plastic and is designed in such a way to act as an excellent insulator, helping keep your meal hotter for longer.

Blå Band’s meals cater for people with special dietary requirements where some of the meals are suitable for vegetarians, those with lactose intolerance and people who need their food to be gluten free. A considerate feature can be found on the ingredients list where Blå Band have highlighted any potential allergens in bold writing helping customers easily identify any ingredients that may disagree with them.

The Dry Food Expert

Drying food is one of the oldest methods of conservation. Not only does it preserve colour, flvour, consistence and nutrition in everything from vegetables to meat and fish - it makes food easier to bring along when you head outdoors. Blå Band was one of the first pioneers in producing dry food, implementing the freeze-drying technique following the Second World War.

Food For The Future

Blå Band Outdoor Meals initially started through collaboration with the Swedish military, who wanted nutritious, lightweight foor that was quick and easy to prepare with a great taste. Today they've refined these products to fit a broader target group. Whether you're campming with the family or crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat, you need the right amount of energy to manage each specific endeavour.


Blå Band's meals can be prepared by using hot or cold water.

The cooking time with hot water is 10min approx (5min for breakfast meals) and with cold water is 40min approx (15min for breakfast meals). If you use water from a thermos (60-80C) the cooking time will take about 5min longer.

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